• 100CFM
  • 10HP
  • 120KW
  • 800(x1000)
  • Chamber Width: 8'
  • Chamber Length: 16'
  • Chamber Height: 10' (2 ft for Plenum)
  • Overall Height: 12'3"
  • Approximate Weight: 9,216 lbs


  • Air Delivery to the bottom of the oven through ducting providing uniform heat (not blown down from the top)
  • 18 Gauge aluminized steel wall and ceiling skin (not thinner 20 gauge galvanized)
  • Heavy duty doors and frames (wheels not required under the door for support)
  • Heavy duty hinges (your doors wont sag)
  • Direct fire single nozzle burner
  • Thermal heat breaks in walls and ceiling (this will save you a lot of heat loss)
  • Reverse inclined circulation plug fan (the most efficient fan)
  • Pre-Assembled wall and ceiling panels(you dont have to manufacture these onsite yourself)
  • Excellent uniformity and heating rates
  • Factory adjusted and tested prior to shipping 
  • Our WOW 5 year warranty
  • Fully wired and tested at maximum temperatures
  • Roof mounted blowers to conserve valuable shop floor space
  • Adjustable "H" pattern ductwork for consistant heat distribution and full adjustability500Degrees maximum heat temperature

Additional Options Available:

  • Doors open on both ends for improved workflow
  • Insulated floor with wheel guides for reduced energy consumption
  • 12 gauge aluminized floor sheets to protect your floor
  • Motor operated dampers for quick cooling at end of cycle
  • Guaranteed temperature uniformity and certification
  • UL 508A certified and labeled control to meet requirements of the authority having jurisdiction
  • Door limit switch to shutoff when doors begin to open to reduce hot air spillout (recommended for efficiency)
  • Digital process timer with auto-shutdown feature (recommended for efficiency)
  • Programmable controller to store multi[ple recipes (25) with multiple ramp/soak segments (50)
  • Temperature recorder

Price: $58,500.00


    Our ovens are heavy - built with 18 guage aluminized steel skins inside and out and built to last. They have air supply ducting on both sides along the full length of the floor for excellent air uniformity. The doors have tough frames and beefy hinges. An ovenis a large investment so we try to help people see the important features of a good oven.