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10' X 10' X 26' Gas Industrial Powder Coat Curing Oven - Welded Tube Steel Frame

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    About This Item

    The standard oven is a rear mount burner box assembly, the side mount option is an upgrade and available at an additional cost.

    Rear Mount Burner Box:

    • Excellent heating and efficiency
    • Quick ramp up and recover time
    • Efficient heat distribution with no cool spots

    Side Mount Burner Box:

    • Increased heating and efficiency
    • Increased ramp up time and recovery time
    • Efficient heat distribution and ensures no cool spots
    • Perfect for pass through ovens


    • Framework welded by certified welders
    • 3"walls
    • Insulated by 3" Rockwool
    • Galvanized G90 Sheet Metal
    • Thermocouple Built Into Pocket On Inside Wall
    • Direct Fire Wayne Burner
    • Entry Door Has Welded Hinges
    • Burner Box Constructed Out Of Welded Steel Tubing
    • Single phase 240V Electric
    • OD - 10'w x 10't x 26'd
    • ID - 9’6”w x 9’9”t x 25’9”d
    • Natural Gas or Propane
    • Comes with dual circulation fans to ensure exceptional heat circulation
    • 4000,000 BTU
      Pictures in this listing are just a depictions, variations of features, and components may differ as improvements are made.
      *****Equipment pricing is constantly changing due to the rapid increases of steel prices, please contact us for for current listing price.*****

    Additional Options:

    • Lower Track System
    • Through Doors
    • Rear Man Door
    • Small Access panel
    • Window
    • Can be custom made for outdoor use


    • All of our units are hand delivered and charged per mile to prevent damage and enables us to expedite shipping to get you your product. This also enables you to have a physical person to speak with if you have concerns or questions once it arrives. Please make sure a lift or dollies are available once it does arrive.


    ****Due to the continuous and rapid increase in steel and material prices the pricing are not listed Please contact us for an updated cost on this equipment****

    Other Items To Consider:

    Powder Coating: The complete Finishers Handbook


    Our 10' x 10' x 26' welded tube frame ovens ad beyond durable welded with 3" steel tube with 3 inch rock wool insulation sheeted with G90 galvanized sheet metal. This size also Comes with dual circulation fans to ensure exceptional heat circulation. The temperature probe is built into the inside wall of the oven to prevent damage. These ovens arrive at your facility set up, tuned and ready to cook once the gas is ran and power is wired in by a licensed contractor.