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Powder Coating: The Complete Finishers Handbook 5th Edition

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    About This Item

    This 485 page handbook is a comprehensive guide to performing powder coating operations, targeted to those in the field and those interested in learning more about learning powder coating technology.

    Table Of Contents:

    • Chapter 1: Why Powder Coating
    • Chapter 2: Economic Advantages Of Powder Coating
    • Chapter 3: Powder Coating Material
    • Chapter 4: Hanger Design For Powder Coating
    • Chapter 5: Production Analysis
    • Chapter 6: Process Definition And Specification
    • Chapter 7: Surface Preparation Chemistries
    • Chapter8: Surface Preparation Methods And Equipment
    • Chapter 9: Dry Off Methods And Equipment
    • Chapter 10: Powder Application Methods And Equipment
    • Chapter 11: Powder Booth And Recovery Systems
    • Chapter 12: Powder Curing And Ovens
    • Chapter 13: Part Conveyance Methods And Equipment
    • Chapter 14:Compressed Air Systems And Requirements
    • Chapter 15: Special Design Considerations
    • Chapter 16: Powder Storage And Handling
    • Chapter 17: Health, Safety, Environmental And Regulatory Topics
    • Chapter 18: Quality Testing And Terms
    • Chapter 19: Statistical Process Control
    • Chapter 20: Repair Of Rejects
    • Chapter 21:Hanger Maintenance: 
    • Appendix A: “A Case Study”
    • Appendix B: PCI Technical Briefs
    • Appendix C: PCI Recommended Test Procedures
    • Appendix D: Maintenance Checklist
    • Appendix E: PCI System Troubleshooting Guide
    • Appendix F: Miscellaneous
    • Appendix G: Powder Coating terms And Definition
    • Index 

    The 5th edition of the powder coating handbook is a complete update to every chapter, covering the latest trends and technologies. This edition features color photos and graphics that truly bring the concepts to life.PCI has a vast pool of members that worked incredibly hard to produce the latest edition in what is recognized as the authoritative recourse manual on powder coating.

    The Powder Coat Institute has undertaken a complete recision of Powder Coating: The Finishers Handbook, and the 5th Edition is now available! Updated to reflect advancements in technology and printed in full color for the first time, the Fifth Edition is your comprehensive guide to the entire powder coating process.