10-PC Hammer and Dolly Kit For Aluminum, Autobody, Automotive,
  • It is essential to keep aluminum and steel body repair tools separatedto eliminate cross contamination and prevent the galvanic corrosion that destroys the painted finish. We have made it very easy to identify aluminum tools to aide in this prevention
  • Highly polished hammer heads and spoon dolly is painted red.
  • High quality hickory handles are branded.
  • Steel dollies and slapping spoon are electro-chemical marked.
  • Rubber and bag dollies are printed with a long lasting ink.
  • Heat treated and forged from high quality USA high carbon steel.
  • Kit comes in formed foam trays featuring individual pockets and thumb pullouts.
  • Fits standard tool box drawers - 23.25"L x 13.75"W x 3"H
  • One year warranty
  • Kit includes: Bumping short finishing hammer, Short pick bullet point hammer, Short chisel hammer, Rubber heal dolly, Large rubber dolly, Shot dolly, Large heal dolly, Thin toe dolly and Slapping spoon.
Price: $375.00


    Each hammer in the 10pc Hammer and Dolly Kit for aluminum repair - 55300 comes highly polished making them easy to spot in crowded shop areas. This also provides an immediate recognition of tools to keep cross contamination instances at a minimum - when professionals see the red hammer heads, they'll know to think aluminum. The spoon dolly is also red for the same benefit