Our table top strip tank is completely made of stainless and if very effective in removing powder coat from you shop hooks and plugs. Our ECO strip is a perfect stripper for this action being able to be heated to 180 degrees. This tank comes stock with an agitator powered by compressed air and a heating element running on a rheostat to adjust your desired heat. The heater is and agitator is located under a screened bottom on your tank that can be removed for the purpose of cleaning and chemical change. 

  • Stainless Construction
  • 2000w Heating Element
  • Agitator110v, 13a Electric
  • Designed To Be Used With Eco Strip
  • Stainless Basket
  • Removable floor for access
  • 12 x18x24 ID
Price: $1,350.00


    Our table top strip tank is  designed to be used with our ECO Strip that can be heated up to 180 degrees. This tank is made for the purpose to strip powder from hooks and silicone plugs, caps etc. although it may be used for any small job where powder coat is to be removed.