Quick Cut 3 is our fastest non-methylene chloride Powdercoating stripper. This alcohol based immersion stripper uses an acid based activator to quickly remove powder coating. A strong substitute when methylene chloride strippers cannot be used or not desired. It is not to be used on magnesium.

  • State: Liquid
  • Appearance: Translucent
  • Color: Clear
  • Odor: Characteristic Penetrating Acid Cherry
  • Viscosity: Moderately Thin
  • Weight: 9.1 lb./gal
  • Boiling Point: 214 Degrees F
  • Solubility in water: 30%
  • Evaporation Rate: (ether=1)500 (Approx)


  • QUICK CUT 3 is formulated for an immersion or dip application.
  • Always use product at room temperature. Stripping tiMessage may vary from project-to-project depending on the type and thickness of the coating along with other environmental factors. While agitation os not required, it may accelerate stripping (air agitation is not recommended). /After stripping, Project should be rinsed with water to neutralize the chemical.
  • Dispose in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.


  • At times it is necessary to strain excess powder from the chemical. This improves the effectiveness of the chemical and lengthens its life expectancy.
  • Room temperature is defined as 50 degrees - 85 degrees F. Do not heat the stripper as it ones not improve performance and only increases the rate of evaporation.
  • While quickCut 3 can be used on all types metal (and silicone) softer metals such as aluminum should not remain in the stripper for excessive amounts of times as this may cause pitting and etching of this surface.

Price: $1,390.00


    Quick Cut 3 is a non-Methylene Chloride , alcohol based powder coating stripper. This is the fastest acting non-methylene chloride powder coating stripper ob the market. This immersion stripper uses an acid activator to quickly remove coatings. Quick Cut 3 is a great alternative when methylene chloride based strippers cannot be used or not be desired.

    • Fastest acting non-methylene chloride . Alcohol based strippers on the market.
    • Great alternative to sandblasting and burn off ovens