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PS-1P Powder Coat Stripper (55 Gallon)

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    About This Item

    PS–1P is our most cost-effective methylene chloride-based gel paint and powder coat stripper, designed for ambient temperature application. With this potent caustic formula, PS-1P effortlessly tackles tough Coatings like epoxy, Powder Coating, Cerakote, Duracoat, and More, all without the need for submersion. It’s direct application method offers a practical solution for vertical surfaces and parts that are too large to fit into a Dip Tank. PS-1P will not remove chrome or nickel plating.

    PS-1P semi-paste is a methylene chloride base stripper with a Caustic activator meant for a brush or spray on process. PS-1P is Stronger and faster than any store-bought aircraft stripper. The semi-paste Powder Coat stripper works on large parts and vertical surfaces. PS-1P semi-paste stripper can be used on most metals and will not pit, flash rust or etch surface.

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