Enviro-Powder Strip is specifically designed to remove powder coating from ferrous and non-ferrous metals and silicone at room temperatures without the dangers of harmful acids. This product is readily biodegradable and is used on magnesium.


  • State: Liquid
  • Appearance: Thin, clear liquid
  • Color: Straw
  • Flash Point: 109 deg. F
  • Boiling Point: 396 deg. F
  • pH: 13
  • label: Flammable

Product Usage:

Enviro-powder Strip is formulated for an immersion or dip application

Always use product at room temperature. Stripping times may vary from project to product depending on thickness of align with other environmental factors. While agitation is not required. It may accelerate stripping (air agitation recommended). After stripping the part should be rinsed with water to neutralize the stripper.

Product Disposal:

Municipal and state governments often regulate disposal, please dispose of all chemicals with guidelines set forth by SDS. Foe more information contact your local landfill or trash collector and reference the SDS (provided by request).

product Safety: 

Always refer to tmy he MSU’s/SDS for comprehensive first aid and safety information before using this product.


  • At times it is necessary to strain excess coating residue from the chemical. This improves the effectiveness and life of the stripper 
  • Room temperature is. Defined as 50-85 degrees F however optimal usage is between 60-75 degrees F. Do not heat the stripper over 85, this will decrease  performance and will increase the rate of performance.
  • While our Enviro-Strip can be used on all types of metal (and silicone), softer metals such as aluminum should not remain in stripper for excessive amounts of time as this may cause pitting and etching of the surface
  • Dispose of waste per local, state and federal regulations. 

Price: $286.00


    Enviro-Powder Strip is more eco friendly , non-methylene chloride stripper. This NMP based immersion stripper with an Alkaline Activator to quickly remove coatings and powder coatings. A great substitute when methylene chloride strippers cannot be used or safety is a concern