Epoxy Powder Coat Stripper
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1010P Epoxy Powder Coat Stripper (5 Gallon)

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    About This Item

    Our 1010P epoxy stripper the robust liquid paint and powder, coat remover that setting new standards in the industry. Blended with methylene chloride and acid additives, Tinton P is your secret weapon for fast, acting, stripping, ideal for tackling the toughest coatings on European rim. 1010 P does not remove Chrome or Plating.

    1010P Strip is the fastest acting of our methylene chloride base strippers with an acid activator. This immersion stripper is our most popular stripper when it comes to removing tough coatings such as epoxy or clearcoat. It is very similar to PS-2L but with less of an order. While not as fast as the PS-2L, The 1010P still breaks through tough coatings like epoxy and clearcoat. The typical strip time is between 5 to 20 minutes making it a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to sandblasting and burn off ovens.

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