The PROFICY S 60 liter Hopper Unit powder coat unit is brand new on the market giving that professional and no hassle powder coat gun experience. this unit gives you auto adjustment modes with 4 primary modes:

  • A-Mode (All Around Mode)
  • M-Mode (Metallic Mode)
  • R-Mode (Recoat Mode)
  • C-Mode (Continuous Charge)


  • 60 liter fluidized bed hopper
  • Gun cable Length is 7 meters
  • Proficy Venturi style Injector
  • 120v AC 60 hz
  • 7-8 cfm (75-90 psi)


  • Full Digital Control
  • Independent Control Of Power Output, Airflow, Gun Voltage And Current
  • Features the GX141 Electrostatic Handgun With Or Without Back Of Gun Control
  • Available non Standard Or Dual Feed
  • Highest Transfer Efficiency In The Industry, Resulting In Lower Operating Costs
  • Smoother Surface Finishes, Excellent Faraday Cage Penetration and Multiple Injector configuration
  • Set It and Forget It technology
  • Independent Powder Flow And Velocity Control
  • Excellent Low-Flow and Faraday Cage Penetration
  • Available in a Dual Gun Configuration

Price: $5,751.00