The GX7500S enable coaters to apply powder in difficult Faraday Cage areas in a variety of applications. This advanced corona charging technology is designed to provide constant gun current, even if the distance between the gun and part varies. This results in easier corner penetration. smoother finishes and consistent thickness.


- Patented pulse Power Technology Provides Excellent Transfer Efficiencies, Superior    Powder Penetration and Quality Finish With No Gun Adjustments Needed.
- Powder Feed System With Air Purge For Faster, Easier Maintenance
- Pinch Valve Shuts Off Power Instantly

GX7500S (Hopper Unit) Specifications

- Application Spray Gun: GX132
- High Voltage Source: Pulse Power (100 KV Max) Neg
- Power Cable Length: 7m STD (5m or 10m available)
- Powder Hose: 12.7mm ID Standard, 9.5 mm optional
- Powder Feeder: Fluidized Bed Hopper (60 Liter Hopper)
- Max Powder Output: 250g/min (9.5mm Hose)
                                 450g /min (12mm Hose)
- Powder Feed Method: Fluid Bed/Venturi
- Power Requirements: AC 120 VAC 60 HZ (90VA)
- Air Requirements: 5-6 CFM, 70-80 psi
Price: $4,782.70

    The GX7500S is Hopper Unit is perfect when recipes and digital controls aren't required, the GX7500 Series of manual handgun unit is the answer. The GX7500 features our first generation Pulse Power that gives you control over an application of powder on your parts. Designed to deliver low current (µA) and High voltage (100 kV) simultaneously, the GX7500 Series is the simple answer to all difficult powder coating conditions.