• Phosphate Free Chemistry
  • Excellent Rinsing
  • Rapid and Complete Wetting. Provides a water break-free surface
  • Low To No Foam


  • Removes The Heaviest Soils Prior To Further Treatment And Painting
  • Eliminates Phosphates In Plant effluent
  • Minimizes and Controls Foam Caused By The Buildup Of Lubricants And Drawing And Polishing Compounds Commonly Found In The Metal Forming And Painting Industry.

Guidelines For Use:

  • Use In Spray Washers At 1/2 To 4 oz /Gal Of Water, Depending On The Type And Amount Of Soil To Be Cleaned. Maintain Temperature Between 110 and 160 Degree F
Price: $80.80


    Troy 1180 is a highly alkaline line phosphate - free spray washer cleaner for use with Ferrous metals, Stain-less steel or glass. The application for this chemical is ideal for cleaning ferrous metals, stainless steel and lab ware in automatic spray washing applications.