The 10 LB hopper comes with 1 Pump mount and pickup tube (powder pump optional) and our exclusive pump mounted grounding lug for convenience and functionality. 

This is the perfect size to use for a dedicated color or when you just need to coat a small amount without the hassle of cleaning out a larger hopper

  • 9.5" Diameter
  • 12" High

Hopper Feed:

Powder is poured into a hopper, where it becomes suspended in air to allow for easier transfer outwards to a spray gun. Certain powders work better in a fluidized hopper such as metallics and textures.

The air that is used to fluidize (suspended) the powder can sometimes condition and dry the powder which allows it to be conveyed easier and more consistent.

Price: $325.00

    Our 10 LB 3 pc hopper design is affordable enough for a single color, yet flexible enough for easy color changes. Each hopper comes standard with a lid mounted grounding lug and a quick disconnect fluidizing fitting for operator convenience.