Powder Coat Gun, Box Feed Powder Coat Gun
  • TX-3 Electrostatic/Pneumatic Gun Controller: User friendly with programs for any coating condition
  • MEP3-3 Manual Electrostatic Gun: 100 kv Negative
  • Round Spray Nozzle Sizes: 18, 25 & 32 mm Diameter
  • Fan Spray Nozzle Sizes: Flat fan spray
  • Box Feeder Cart Assembly: Heavy duty, four wheel cart unit with locking front swivel castors
  • Fluidized Suction Tube Assembly: Mounted on swivel rattchet castor arm for changing the powder box
  • Heavy Duty Box Cradle Assembly: Inclined box vibratory base
  • Power Feed Pump: Quick-Disconnect connectors at the pump and at the cart. High -Efficiency design Venturi
  • Set Of Powder Hose: High-Flow clear hose for manual guns
  • Assembly Hardware: Poly-tubing, hardware and cable ties
  • Optional Electric Vibrator: Trigger actuated and stays on for 30 seconds if the gun is not re-triggered. This feature eliminated the compacting of powder as experienced with the pneumatic vibrators

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Price: $3,999.00


    The ULTRA-STATIC manual system combines the preferred equipment technology: operator easy-to-use design, uncompromising safety features, precision and reliability and exceptional powder cloud spray pattern.The manual gun has good balance and many nozzle attachments to tackle the most challenging of coating tasks. The handgun is designed for rapid color change. The TX3 Digital Controller has user defined preset program functions for normal, corner and re-coat function, as well as a memory recall of a special setting.

    The Box Feeder has an inclined vibratory base with a fluidized intake tube that is directed towards the pitched corner of the box for optimum power usage. The intake Tube is raised and lowered easily into the powder box. The arm swings out of position for changing the powder box.

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