• Patented INTEK heating element
  • No moving parts
  • Hi-temp stainless terminal assembly included in raceway for easy hook-up using ring terminal
  • Heavy-duty rust-resistant 20 guage aluminum steel
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes provided
Price: $340.00

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    OM Model Heaters - Model OM heater modules consist of an aluminized steel cabinet including built-in mounting holes suitable for hanging the heather within a structural frame by attaching with 20, 1/4" ,nuts and bolts. Depending on the size, heater modules are available for 115v, 230v or 460v power hook-up. All heater modules use patented electric infrared heating elements by INTEK with no moving parts, fans or reflectors. Our patented design allows for ganging of multiple heaters when larger target areas must be served. Each heater module contains a minimum of 2.5 inches of premium ceramic fiber insulation to provide maximum radiant efficiency. The patented design includes a wire race, integral to the design of the heater, with standard conduit knockouts to provide for easy power hook-up. many wattage configurations up to (10.4 watts per sq. ft. max.) are available for unlimited process heat application temperature of patented heat panel is 1100 deg. F. equivelant to wavelength of 3.4 microns

    • '0M'1212.120.1200 1200w, 120v, 10a, output area - 12" x 12"
    • '0M'1224.240.2000 2000w, 240v, 9a output area - 12" x 24"
    • '0M'1236.DV.3600 3600w, 240/480v, 15/8a, output area - 12" x 36"
    • '0M'1248.DV.4000 4000w 240/480v, 18/9a, output area - 12" x 48"
    • '0M'1260.DV.5000 5000w 240/480v, 22/11a, output area - 12" x 60"

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