• TX-3 electriostatic/Pneumatic Gun Controller: User friendly with programs for any coating condition
  • MEP-3 manual Electrostatic Gun: 100 kv negative
  • Round spray nozzle sizes: 18, 25 and 32 mm dia.
  • Fan Spray Nozzles: Flat, Fan and Spray
  • Hopper Dimensions: 15" Diameter x 24" diameter
  • Stainless Steel Hopper Body: Seamless welded design with formed handles on the sides for lifting and handling the hopper. The hopper interior and exterior has NO hardware, gaskets or fasteners to trap powder or cause snagging while cleaning.
  • Removable Lid Assembly: The hinge-less stainless steel lid assembly has a left handle and wide opening for fast filling. The (2) pump mount holes and vent hose connectors are located on the top.
  • Air Plenum Pan: Powder Coated, break-apart construction with draw holes.
  • Fluidizer Membrane: Removable 1/4" thick Teflon porous membrane with U-channel rubber gasket
  • Powder Feed Pump: Quick-disconnect connectors at the pump and at the cart. High-Efficiency design Venturi.
  • Set Of Powder Hose: High-flow clear hose for manual guns
  • Assembly hardware: Poly-tubing, hardware and cable ties

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Price: $3,899.00


    The ULTRA-STATIC manual system combines the preferred equipment technology: operator easy-to-use design, uncomprimising safety features, precision, reliability and exceptional powder cloud spray pattern. The manual gun has good balance and many nozzle attachments to tackle the most challengng of coating tasks. Te handgun is designed for rapid color change. The TX3 digital controller has user defined pressure program functions. for normal, corner and re-coat functions as well as a memory recall of a special setting.

    The nominal 40 lb (50) liter capacity stainless steel hopper is designed for fast and easy color change with easy break-apart construction for contamination free color changes.

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