• Made in Union, MO USA
  • Industrial 20-guage steel construction
  • Large, 2 sq. ft. direct radiant black heating surface
  • patented, 100% efficient long-wave infrared
  • 3-year warranty
  • UL rated electric box for insulation ensures safe temperatures
  • Quiet operation - No noisy fans - No filters to clean
  • Easily controllable with Line-Voltage Thermostat (optional)
  • Designed to mount into drop - ceiling applications
Price: $395.00

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    INTEK produces heating elements that are flat panel electric infrared design. these elements create an even robust heat across the complete face of the heater eliminating "hot spots". Elements are robust and will last many years, They have no moving parts and require no maintenance. Being that they are ceiling panel mounted they are able to direct the heat to the necessary areas without heating an entire room where heat is not necessary.

    • CS2424.120.750 - 750w - 2559btu - 120v - 7a - output area (16" x 16")
    • CS2424.240.750 - 750w - 2559btu - 240v - 4a - output area (16" x 16")
    • LVT - Manual Line Voltage Thermomneter - Incliudes 2 x 4 junction box for wall mounting
    • PLVT - Programmable Line Voltage Thermostat - -Incliudes 2 x 4 junction box for wall mounting

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