Powder Coat Oven, Cerakote Oven

The 3' x 3' x 3' Electric Economy Powder Coat Oven is constructed with welded square tube and steel track and stud framework.

Double walled with G90 galvanized sheeting inside and out

12 Gauge flooring, heavy enough to protect the flooring underneath, thin enough to still be able to roll a cart in and out of easily.

Fiberglass tadpole gasket door seal

Operates at up to 500F

Insulated with 6# density mineral wool insulation rated at 2100F.

Easy to use temperature control, displays set temperature as well as actual temperature inside the oven.

4 Wire hookup, 2 hot legs, neutral and a ground.

Price: $1,755.00


    Window: $225

    Circulation Fan: $350

    Light: $100

    Rollin Rack: $250-$400 depending on oven sizes listed above(four post with expanded metal top offering many hanging locations).

    Shelves: $75 Each 1”x 1” square tube frame, topped with expanded metal for maximum hanging points.

    Financing Available